Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nice Trip...

Sorry for stopped blogging for few days, I was away on trip to Alor Setar and Langkawi. I travelled there with a group of friends. Me and some friends went to Alor Setar at friday night, where we stayed over at my friends place. The house of my friends is in Simpang Koala located in Alor Setar. Actually, before ariving at his house, me and my friend from KL, made a mistake and forget to turn in the Alor Setar Selatan toll, where we ended up in Alor Setar Utara toll. Haha. Lucky that my friend manage to know where we were and after that he found us, we followed closely with his car. After that, he bring us to go to his house and put our bags in his house 1st before going out again. Then, he bring us to find our another friend which is in Taman Ampangan located not very far from his house. He was surprise when he saw us in the front of his house because we didn't noticed him that we are going to visit him, Haha. It was around 10-11 when we meet him (talking about visiting people when late at night, haha), after that, we had supper then we went to "Infinity Cyber Cafe" located around their house to settle our vengence(LOL) of course, in the sense of DOTA. Hehe. After few matches, then we soon go home and the time is already around 2 - 3 am. Haha. I soon slept after arrived at my friends house. Hehe. My friends told me that i snore quite loud, cause they slept quite late, around 4.

The next day, I woke up at 8 am where our plans is to go to Langkawi as early as we could, haha. After bathing and get ready, we left house at around 9. After that, we fetch our another friend and then eat breakfast. We arrived at Kuala Kedah jetty around 10 something. We went to buy tickets but the next ship available is 11.30. So, we had to wait awhile before going for the ship. Hehe. Here is some actions of people waited too long for the ship:

After waited till we get to the ship, we had to sit separately, and sadly, i had to sit alone with stranger (haha). So, after awhile i felt tired and went out of the boat to take some nice sea breeze. I had nothing to do, so, I played around and keep taking pictures with my camera. Haha. This is some pictures i took while i was boring outside and inside the ship.

The boat coming back from opposite direction.

Lol. I am not the only boring people in the ship. Haha.

Some beautiful scenery.

Scenery with clouds and hill. Hehe

After arrived at Langkawi, we soon found the agent and driver that we booked earlier because, all of us didn't know how to drive around Langkawi. Haha. And the fees for the driver and van was quite expensive (not cheap, but better if we rent our own car and more cheaper and exciting). The time when we arrive is 1 something to 2. So we are quite rush (haha), because the last ship is on 7.30 pm. The first where we visited is the GEOPARK. We rent a boat there and we go around the lake and the park. We went to fish farm, bat cave, and eagle feeding site. The place was quite big, so, it takes alot of time to go around the park.

Eagle feeding site.

Pictures of me and friends on the boat.

Pictures of my friends.

Pictures taken when the boat is at the sea. The engine of the boat even stopped for awhile to me fear. Haha.

After the Geopark, we went for our lunch because we haven't had anything after breakfast. (Lol, funny, lunch at 4, Haha). After eating, we proceed to our next destination, Underwater World. In there, we see many different type of animal, haha. Of course, i won't upload all of them to here (because i don't want my post to be too long).

The penguins looks cute. Hehe.

After the Underwater World, we soon rushed back to jetty for the last ship back to Kuala Kedah. After arriving, we had dinner then me and one of my friend soon leave Alor Setar at 11pm and arrive Penang around 11 something to 12 pm. It's quite a great trip, although quite rush. Thanks to all my friends for making this trip succesful.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Activities, One too many..

Last 3 days has been one of most eventful in this week (haha). Me and some of my friends went to eat and play together alot in this week. One reason this week is so eventful is because, some of my friends exam are already over, but some have not, but due to great understanding between ourself, we had nice and great times together. As usual, some of our main topics were mostly girls,(haha) but we do spent times discussing things as well.

Monday, we went to TAO in E-Gate to have a buffet dinner, and largely so due to some delicious foods, we did add some pounds in our weight after the dinner. Haha.

Here is some nice pictures about it :

Too bad i only took one picture of this, i will try to upload more...

After monday, we planned to go for exercise in the tuesday morning, so we went to play basketball on the Tuesday morning. Omg, only now i knew why did professional Basketball players need to be in a very fit condition only to play. The reason? Simple. It is because playing basketball need speed, accuracy, intelligents and importantly stamina, which in every aspect i did failed all of it. We played from before 8 till 9 something, something that we did till i really worn out. Haha. Very tiring after playing basketball. After that, we went home and rest.

And on wednesday, we did have another event, and again in the very morning. This time, it is hiking on Bukit Jambul, opposite my college. We arrive 5-10 minutes before 8 and climbed up straight. While climbing, i failed to keep pace with most of my friend cause both of them are quite fit. So, they have to always wait for me (very sorry for them). I ran out of breath a few times, and thanks to them, we finally arrived at the hill top at around 8.30. I was so relieved that we finally arrive on the hilltop cause i can finally rest my legs. Lol. After resting awhile, we finally went down to the foot of the hill at around 9. We arrived around 15-20 minutes later. After that, we went to breakfast and then went home.

Here is some pics i took while on the top of the hill.

In the evening, we meet up again and went to watch a movie named "Forbidden Kingdom" which include cast of Jacky Chan and Jet Li.

This movie is quite a nice movie full of comedies and also fighting action.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unexpected events...

Yesterday,18/3/2008. Me and my family were having dinner at outside near Taman Free School. We went there with separate cars. So, after dinner, me and my father goes home in the same car, i was driving. I was using the roundabout in front of Heng Ee School. Then i went to the direction of the Convent Green Lane School. After arriving at the traffic light, i soon stop and waited till green light and i soon proceed straight. But, soon I overtake a motorbike (ok, he was in the inside lane and i was overtaking on the outside lane, no near contact at all). While overtaking, I heard someone shouting. But, I ignore it because I didn't know anything happen so, i proceed till the Convent Green Lane School side junction.

While arriving at the junction, i soon slowly step on the brake, but, while I was trying brake, I heard someone shouting again. This time I was asure that the motorbike behind me on the left was shouting at my car because he kept pointing at my car. Then, I told my father about it, then he see through the passenger window, the motorbiker soon speed up and come beside of my car, still shouting and pointing (in the manner of scolding and provoking us). Then, my father slowly pull down the window and ask him "What's wrong?" but, he keep scolding us in bad words. So, my father ask him again "What the heck is wrong with you?" then, he still point at us and keep scolding. After i brake at the junction, my father wanted to go down and ask him (in quite a angry manner too), while both of us taking off our belt, the motorbiker saw us and then i think he is quite frighten (because both of us is quite big in size). So, at the junction he didn't stop at all he straight rammed out of the junction while the straight traffic was quite fast.

Luckily that the oncoming car in the straight direction brake for him, actually 3 cars brake in the same time, for this stupid guy (I think is in the age of 28-35 and it is a Chinese) who maybe is drunk or maybe a crazy person on the run out of the asylum or even from Tanjung Rambutan. If not for the straight traffic car to brake simultaneously and not bang on this stupid guy (lucky they brake on the same time and doesn't cause any accident or a pile-up from behind). If I were to catch and confront that guy, I think I would have known what is wrong with him. This is a reminder for all of you, If you do find this kind of trouble, please don't come down from the car, maybe is a robbery plan, and please be patient while facing this kind of trouble cause this kind of people are crazy/stupid.

P.S.: I scold the stupid guy too while my father pull the window down. Hehe. No wonder he ran away so fast. Haha.

Friday, April 18, 2008

L Changed the world

It's late at night and I've just finished watching the movie, "L Changed the World" in cinema with a group of friends. The movie in particular is not really about the Death Note anymore. This movie is more like a spin off of the movie Death Note, because this movie particularly concentrating more on L (Kenichi Matsuyama) and the things he done within the 23 days after he wrote his own name on the Death Note.

Well, if you ask me how is this movie, I would tell you that this is a great movie. This movie is more about the virus that was created to treat the mankind in earth. Haha. Just to tell you abit. For the rest, you need to see for your own. Hehe. You won't regret yourself in watching this movie.

P.S.: The boy in the movie is so so cute..

Thursday, April 17, 2008


After completing my Diploma, there were some decisions that I had to make. This kind of decision when is worst, can get worst than marrying a bad wife, (haha). I am just joking. Actually the decision that I wants to make is where to study for degree and what to do for temporary.

Actually, me and few friends of mine have actually applied together for a University in Brisbane, Australia. The name of the university is Queensland University of Technology. But, till now, the offer letter from the University haven't been received yet. We applied in early month of March. If, some of our friends failed to enter to the University, we have already another plans, which is to apply for Inti Nilai which the new semester starts at September. If all of our friends were to get to go to Australia's University, then we must already go there at end of June or start of July because the semester there starts at July. Although the offer letter haven't come, I am still thinking which is the better choice for me. Either is QUT or Inti Nilai University College. Sigh... I hate making big decisions, because, some small stuff can make a hazard. I have asked information about this two University as some of my friends are already in there studying. But, decisions will be made only after the offer letter comes to me. Let the headache when the times comes. But, it won't be a big problem as I am having friends on either place that i choose as they are my senior. Haha.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Exam week

This week in our college is the Exam weeks... for some it would be their ceremony of graduates and for some, it would be ceremony of funeral as some lecturer told me before. He told me that because he is going to set a hard question for the exam because some student is just too irritating and some too lazy. Haha, becareful with that.

Some will spend their time in library to study this whole week. In library or not, i think most student will be studying hard for their exam. I am lucky this semester not to go through exam anymore because i have only final projects to do this semester. But, i have went through 7 semester of exam before this semester. Lol. Some, i did bad and some i did quite okay. But, for conclusion, i am only an average student. Haha. For all the exam that i had already passed, course that i had already taken and things that happened in college life, all this can only become a memory now as i am going to end my diploma. Thanks all.

Good Luck all to those taking exams.


April 14th 2008

Mark this date on your calendar. Yeah, i know, it is 2 months Valentine's Day, but i am actually not commenting on that. Haha. Today, 14th April is the date that Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto leader of PKR Malaysia will be officially back in politics. As told PKR will staged a big rally in KL today.

About 20,000 people attended a rally in central Kuala Lumpur tonight to mark the expiry of Anwar Ibrahim ban from public office, a decade after he was sacked as deputy prime minister. The crowd defied a ban on the event which was held in Kampung Baru despite scores of riot police were deployed in the futile attempt to stop the illegal gathering.
"We have not issued any permits for the gathering. I advise all the supporters not to attend it. The gathering is banned," city police chief Muhammad Sabtu Osman told AFP earlier today.
At about 9.15pm, Anwar took the stage to tell his supporters to wait two weeks on whether he would be running for parliamentary seat and return to active politics.
PKR bagged 31 seats in last month's general elections and Anwar had said that one of the parliamentarians would resign so that the party de facto leader could contest in a subsequent by-election.In his speech, Anwar also attacked his nemesis, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and accused him of abuse of power.
"He has made the judiciary worse. He is worried that I'll be the next PM," he said.Anwar also lambasted Najib Abdul Razak, saying that the prime minister-in-waiting was "not fit" to assume the post.After speaking for one hour, Anwar was told by the police to stop the gathering.
He subsequently told the crowd that he would "lead by example" and requested the crowd to disperse.
Once seen as the heir apparent to long-time leader Mahathir, Anwar was subsequently convicted on sex and corruption charges and spent six years in jail, before storming back to prominence in March elections.
With Anwar at the helm, a reinvigorated opposition seized a third of parliamentary seats and five states in the worst ever showing for the Barisan Nasional coalition that has ruled for half a century.
Now the 60-year-old maverick is once again being touted as a future prime minister, but this time for his Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance which he has described as a "government-in-waiting".
The sodomy charges were later dropped but the corruption count prevented him from standing for public office until tomorrow

Taken from Malaysiakini.

Arsenal title hopes over?

Man Utd 2- Arsenal 1

The match finally ends, and Arsenal, in my opinion, are out of the title race. They started this match in a nice fashion, a typical Arsenal style of play this season. The dominate the match as the match start at the midfield. Both sides have chances, but if not for brilliant goalkeeping of both teams, then the scoreline would have been very different. Arsenal scored 1st in this match. They play a nice build-up in this goal. Added with some misunderstanding between Van der sar and Ferdinand, Adebayor scored using his hand when he can score using his head (it could caused a havoc if Arsenal were to win this match).

But just as they did in Liverpool Champion League match, the concede a penalty after scoring on the other side. This time is Gallas's handball which lead to the penalty. And once again, Ronaldo steps up and score for the 28th Premier League goals this season and 38th for the whole season in all competition. After the goal, Man Utd soon made changes that can changes their fortunes, and it was Anderson and Tevez who comes in for Park and Scholes. After the changes, Man Utd started to attack Arsenal's defense.

The breakthrough came on 71st minutes when Manchester United were combining well and Rooney's shot was saved by Lehmann, and after that Evra took the rebound by juggle it over Gilberto and Gilberto falls him down on the edge of the box. This time, Hargreaves steps up and took the free kick towards the top corner and Lehmann didn't move a muscle. It was a great freekick at a great match. So far, Hargreaves have only score twice this season with free kicks against Fulham and Arsenal.

Man Utd soon hold on to the lead and Arsenal did get few chances that was saved by the Man Utd's goal keeper Edwin Van der sar. And the match ended after 4 minutes of injury time. Arsenal's title hope may have well ended and Man Utd's title hope is getting closer and closer towards reality. By winning all the matches and a lost to Chelsea in Stamford Bridge will still wins them the title. Chelsea will look worry after seeing this result. But, Man Utd would not a loss in Chelsea's home ground, how nice it would be if they wins the title at Stamford Bridge. Looking forward to 26th April for the match.
Good Luck all. Chao.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bye, Piano...

The day that i had finally sell my piano has come and it was today. The piano was bought around 1990 when i was around 3-4 years old. After almost 17 years, we finally sold off the piano. The piano brand is "Young Chang", it is not as expensive as "Yamaha", but the sound and quality is the same like "Yamaha". I still remember that I was playing on it on the 1st time, so happy. But my interest soon vanished after being teached by a lady teacher who always hit my hand when played wrongly. So, after few years of learning, i finally stops learning it. And times flies till now and i am going to sell it for someone who can plays well and teaches someone else. I sold it at the price of RM 1K. The price of second hand piano is almost like that or even more, some say i sell to cheap(haha). So, once again, Good Bye Piano for 17 years.

My Piano.

Playing piano for last time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Champion League Review......10/4/2008

It's official... Man Utd will face Barcelona in the semi final of the UEFA Champions League... and another semi final will be Chelsea vs Liverpool (2nd year in the row now, haha.). Man Utd will travel to Nou Camp to face Barcelona on 23rd April 2008 for the 1st leg of the semi final (can't really wait for that) and 30th April 2008 at Old Trafford for the return leg. And it's gonna be awesome clash as Man Utd will already have Nemanja Vidic back in their defense as they are going for the Double. On the other side, Barcelona, may will have Lionel Messi back fit. So, this match is a Must see. The last time both team met was in the Trebel season(1998-1999) where the match in Old Trafford drew 2-2 and match in Nou Camp drew 3-3. The last time they went to Nou Camp were, Of Course the Treble season Champion League were they win 2-1 against Bayern Munich with their two late late goals scored by Sheringham and Solskjaer. What a nice memory in Nou Camp. Haha.

While in the another semi final, good old clash of Chelsea and Liverpool. This two teams meet every season in the Champion League since the start of the Mourinho era. Lol. The last time this two sides met is last season's Champion League semi final. Liverpool got to the final by winning the penalty shootout after both teams ended 1-1. In Torres, Liverpool have one quality player in hot- hot form now. He can really terrorise Chelsea defense if there are any chances posed to him. On the other side, Chelsea, they also have Joe Cole who have been magnificent lately with his performance.

Arsenal vs Liverpool

This match was one of the nicest match I ever seen for Champions League for so long. Many Arsenal supporters will cry foul when they were dumped out of the on such a dramatic fashion. There were big chance for Arsenal to qualify when Adebayor scored the equalizer. Theo Walcott played a very very big part in the Arsenal equalizer after he dribble past 4 Liverpool players start when he took the ball from his own penalty box. After past all, it is not over, he need to deliver a great low cross for Adebayor to finish. At that moment, I tought that Theo Walcott would be definitely be the Super Sub and credit to master tactician Arsene Wenger. A minute after the goal, another mazzy dribble , but this time it is not Theo, it is Ryan Babel. After dribbling past players, he finally fell down after stumbled by Kolo Toure. In my opinion, it is not a penalty. How can we have double standards in football? But on second tought, referee is human after all. Argument can't solve this problem anymore, it needs action. And the only action that the federation can do is that using computer technology and television replay. Another way is to change the human referee to become a robot referee, where all decisions will be made by generic algorithm, A.I. and even also program being set according to the rules. But, if this were to implement, football will already lose it's passion and enthusiasm. So, for conclusions, Arsenal fans, stop crying foul about the penalty incident anymore, get ready for next season is a better idea because no one is going to reverse the penalty incident. Arsene Wenger is just being forced to eat humble pie. On the Liverpool forth goal, it is a gamble that Arsenal must take for their pride. So, we can't blame anyone here, if I can blame, I will blame that why Fabregas is so small in size (didn't he went to gym? HAHA). If I am Fabregas at that time, I would have tackle Babel in order to stop him running so far to get the goal. This is the way we should lead by example. If the penalty doesn't exist and then Theo Walcott would be the super sub and the man of the match and because of this decision, Ryan Babel turned out to become the super sub and man of the match. Haha. One thing good about football is that Football is a team game, not individual, so if someone is to blame, the whole team is to blame, not only one player. This is the example of Roy Keane's exit from Old Trafford, where he listed a few players that doesn't reach the standard to be in the club. So, the manager and board have no choice but to sack him.

For conclusion, I would like to stat out a few factor that why Arsenal lost to Liverpool:
1. Arsenal lost to a team that include Fernando Torres (which is a quality player). Arsenal is a great team, but every team need to have at least a quality player to make things happen when needed. Arsenal need to make some really quality signing for next season.

2. Arsenal lost because they doesn't have squad in depth. They have just a slim squad now, compare to Man Utd. To fight for 2-3 fronts, the important things is that they have the squad for it and squad that doesn't only have many youth, but also must concede of experienced player to make the squad balance.

Manchester United vs Roma

What can I say about Manchester United, they can afford to let Rooney, Ronaldo, Evra, and Scholes out of the first team and still win the match 1-0. Is Roma weak? or are Man Utd just strong? This is a things that will come to some neutral mind after this match. I rather don't take chances to make conclusion and result for that. Haha. I will rather tell some key players that changes the match and about the penalty given to Roma. Most of the Man Utd midfield performed well yesterday night. Especially Owen Hargreaves and Ryan Giggs. After the weekend of 2-2 draw with Middlebrough at the Riverside Stadium, Ryan Giggs have been in the end of much criticism and even some fans even called in to the MUTV to ask why is Ryan Giggs appearing on matches. To silent the criticism, Ryan Giggs yesterday pulled out a nice performance, with mazy run, nice through ball and great crosses. And another, Owen Hargreaves, he was the commander today. He was everywhere in the midfield, one moment he is in the right, another moment he is on the left and without knowing he is defending against Roma in the middle. I hope that he perform like this against Arsenal, which I know that it wouldn't be an easy game. I know I might be a Manchester United supporter, but the penalty concede by Wes Brown is not a penalty. The first thing that I wanted to argue is that do the referee saw the ball changes direction when Wes Brown tackled Mancini. The second thing is that Mancini only falls after the ball moves away. Doesn't that indicated that he is diving? The referee who stands so near the incident believe the act and gave Roma the benefits of doubt. But to United's liking, De Rossi missed the penalty by blasting over the bar. So, it is just like justice is done over that decision or De Rossi is too sporting maybe (just kidding, haha). The match shows that Manchester United is starting to stamping their authority towards the Champion League by showing Roma a great performance without all their aces in the team. Haha
Looking forward towards Man Utd vs Arsenal on Sunday. May the Best team wins.


9/4/2008 - Diploma Completed

9/4/2008 - Wednesday. Today is the day that i will be presenting the final project that being done by me. After presenting this final project, this will also means that I am
"Officially" A Diploma Graduate (although the result haven't came out yet, the lecturer have told us that all of us have passed). So, this few weeks will be last us for us to meet each other anymore because, after diploma, some will go their own ways and some will continue study in Penang, some in overseas, some in outstation, and some will start working. I could have not been any happier during this period of diploma, especially this last few weeks when all of us have been going for breakfast together, play games together, going for redbox and also solve troubles and problem together. I have been so happy this few weeks. Nothing much more I can say.

Group photo in redbox

X-Rated Photo. Haha

Today, after my presentation, they suggested that we go to one of my Taiwanese friend's house in Tambun to give them a visit. So, our whole group agreed, caused we haven't meet the friend for long time. We went there around 7 something, reached there around 8. When we arrive at the location they were waiting for us at the security check point. It was a very nice housing estate with gated security. But, most of the people stays there are mostly rich. There are two part in the estate, one is middle class housing, and another is High class housing. My friend stay at the middle class housing, so we turn right on the junction after the security check point. His house is so big when I saw it on my first sight (almost around 2000 square feet, with quite big garden in front of it). I was shock cause it was the 1st time I visited there. Haha. After calling us to go into the house, I found the house quite modern and very very big. Haha. The house is very very well furnished, and there were a few room along with the living room when we 1st go in, the piano room, and TV room. We played PS3 at the living room with his plasma TV. Wow, PS3 and the TV was so nice combination that I am thinking of buying a PS3 now. Haha.

After we played and enjoyed till around 10 something, we soon leave his house, before that he told us that he will show us a house of another friend (which we all known also, because he is also a former student in INTI). When he told us that the friends house is bigger than his house, I couldn't believe it. But after arriving in front of the house, my JAW almost fell down. OMG, it is not a house, it is a CASTLE. It was so so nice, and so so big. I can't believe it was his house cause i know him in school time he was so silent and so so friendly and even sometimes looks so "leh fe". Haha. That told me a lesson for not to JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Lol.

We soon leave the area around 10 something, and we headed for the next destination, "INFINITY". Hehe. We had our last battle of DOTA as Tze Hau (my friend from Kedah) is going back to Kedah tomorrow and will not come back till when we are getting the result (not too soon). So, we battle each other until 12.45 then we went to separate ways and I went home bath and soon blogged on this post. Haha. Chao.

Good LUCK all!!!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eventful evening. Haha

On monday, I was having just a normal day, went to college to see my friends presenting their own projects. But after their presentation, there were thinking of celebrating abit, so, they tought of playing games in the Infinity CyberCafe , so I did join them. I went with another friend to go to "Infinity" Sg Dua to book the place for them 1st as they all went back to put their laptop at home. He drove me there as I wasn't driving yesterday, we arrive around 5 something to 6 (not quite sure of the time =x). While we was waiting for them to arrive, I felt that something is wrong today, but i not quite sure what was it (of course, if i would know, then I would have became a priest, LOL). After while of waiting, my other 2 friends arrive. Then, we started talking for awhile. But, when I was talking, I saw one of my friend car's arrive and park immediately after turning in, and he was walking quite fast to the road, Curiosity, I went to glance for a better look at the big window. Surprisingly, I saw a motorbike was down on the roadside. I was in shock after I saw my friend was arguing with a Malay guy on the road side. My brain was thinking "Oh, Shit... Big Trouble..." When I was running out of the cybercafe, I saw a whole bunch of Malays standing on the roadside trying to surround my friend. My friend is a foreigner, so, he doesn't speak Malay. When ran out to see him, i drag him out with me, and ask him what happened. When I saw some casualty was on the road, I called them to take care of casualty before arguing. So, they did what i said. After placing the casualty on a safe place, then we started talking(some sort of shouting). The Malay fellow from the motorbike was shouting non stop about what my friend was wrong at. When i finally understood the situation, I finally started negotiate with the motorbike fellow. The Situation is actually, when my friend was going to turn right on the junction, the motor bike was following closely and speedily, so when he was braking his car to turn to the right, the bike bang on to his car and the motorbike flew off (nothing serious, just falling down and bleed abit). He keep accused that my friend doesn't put signal to turn to the right.

When I was trying to negotiate with him, he keep accused that it was our wrong. He seems to say that he is not wrong, but why is he following so close and fast? But the burger seller opposite Infinity Cyber Cafe also keep accusing its our wrong (maybe they doesn't know that anyone who bang on the back is the wrong party, if i am not wrong). So, after awhile of thinking, seeing that they doesn't want to settle, so, we offer for Police Report. One of the factor that i thought of that is because, the damages done to the bumper is going to cost much and he doesn't have the money to repair the damage, so, we need to have Police Report in order to claim for the car insurance. The another factor is because they keep telling us that it isn't their fault which provoke our knowledge towards the "Undang- Undang" of Jalan Raya in Malaysia.

After awhile, the family of the casualty arrived, they came down from the car angrily, sort like as if we bang their car or what. Haha. After i explain to them, then they started to argue that it was our wrong that we put signal too late. But, i told them that although that is true or rather maybe it is true, but that was both party mistake, not us alone, but, he still argue that it is our mistake or wrong. So, I replied by saying "Did one of our Malaysia rules say that is there are a standardization on how long you need to put the signal before you start turning your car". He ended up speechless. So, by rule or law we are certainly not on the wrong side. So, we decided to report police. After awhile the passenger casualty stand up and start scolding us as well. Damn, she was so "lu siao" when she scolding us, luckily we held our nerves for not letting angry and not letting any stupid things. Haha.

After that, they say they want to go to clinic 1st before going to report the case. So, we went to report about the case 1st. When we report in the Police Station HeadQuater (Jln Patani) they took the picture of our car and we gave our statements for the Inspector. They said that this is a frequent case that was mostly won by car, to sight of our relieve. Hehe. After finish reporting and the time is already almost 9. After dinner, we went home. What suppose to be nice outing came out to be a eventful and busy evening for us. What a life experience, haha.

Monday, April 7, 2008

EPL updates...April 06 2008

This weekends finally ends, so as Arsenal's chances of winning getting lesser and lesser to get the EPL title anymore. But, chances is always there, haven't we always see miracles happen everytime when we tought something will not happen. So, I don't like making assumptions on something, for more positive thinking point of view, I do still think that Arsenal might make it afterall. One reason for my view is because, I like the way they play rather than Chelsea, they play with full enthusiasm as a youth team and their never say die attitude. But, the only things that I don't quite like Arsenal is the "childish" leader on the pitch, William Gallas. If you had saw the things that he done after the Birmingham City 2-2 draw match, most people will tell you that he is not a good leader or some will tell you that he is not acting professionally as a leader or captain. That is the most important incident that changes the fortunes of Arsenal lead on the table of 5 points. The second important incident also happened in the same match, that was the Eduardo injury. Few will say that Arsenal doesn't care about the injury, they have cover for it. If you does, think again. After he got injured, his strike partner, Adebayor has gone through a hell of goal drought without having any goals in as many games. Before that match, he was so in-form that he was chasing the record held by Ruud Van Nistelrooy by scoring consecutive in 13 matches (if i am not mistaken, sorry if mistaken). Look how Eduardo's injury influenced them.
As my opinion, this is the two important events that happen in one match that could really change the fortunes for Arsenal, which they manages to get one win out of 6 premier league games. After this week draw of 1-1 at the Emirates against Liverpool, their title hope have been dented. But, next week will be the most important fixture of all for Arsenal, because they will be facing Man Utd (current leader) at Old Trafford. If they manage to get some result from there and Chelsea lose on the same day, then the Arsenal's title hope will come back again. Good Luck when facing the Red Devils.

Of course, as most people know, my favourite club is still the team that i supported since standard 4, Manchester United the Red Devils, they still play the football i love most. After drawing 2-2 against Middlebrough this weekend at the Riverside Stadium, their lead over Chelsea also have been trimmed to just 3 points. Now, this looks like Chelsea will be laughing after the draw against Middlesbrough. Chelsea will be facing Man Utd again on the 26th of April at Stamford Bridge, make that date, it will mostly a Title Decider match of this season if all goes well. But, before the Chelsea match, Man Utd need to worry more about the Arsenal match next weekend which will be prove to be a Clash of the titans. Arsenal wouldn't wanted a better chance to get back to the title race against any other team than Man Utd. Haha. I really hope Man Utd can win all the remaining matches to be crowned the Champions Again. If that would really happens, then, Surely, the Footballer of the Year will be most likely to be Cristiano Ronaldo again, no words from me can describe him now. After listening that the 2 words to describe Ronaldo as "lucky" and "cocky", I rather describe him as "incredible" and "scary". Haha. He had scored 27 goals in 27 starts this season, the most scorer in the league after George Best wins it in the 60's. What a talent, what a luck Man Utd to have him last season and this season. To tell someone that he's not ready on the big stage, he have already scored 7 goals in the Champion League as well making him the top goalscorer. Can't wait till Euro 2008 in the summer. Haha.

For next week matches, i would certainly hope that Man Utd will beat Arsenal and vanished the North Londoner's title hope this season once and for all. On another match, I would hope that former Man Utd captain Steve Bruce (now manager at Wigan) will upset Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and extends Man Utd leads at the top. As for the 26th April Chelsea vs Man Utd match, I would really hoped that the Red Devils will end the unbeaten records at home of Chelsea. The record started from the start of the Mourinho era till now (guess how long, Haha). That's all for this week. Thanks.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wrong Spelling, different meaning...

As usual, when people were talking we need to listen about it, sometimes we can listen mistakenly and lead to a misunderstood. The same happens with writing, when you spell something wrongly, then it will lead to a different meanings. Haha, Interesting ? Of course I have an example for all to see... Lol.

This is an advertisement I saw in KL not long ago, look at the word where they spell wrongly, The word "Story". Haha. Interesting? Isn't ? I guess the developer are in the rush for people to move in or to buy the place till they forgotten what they have build their own, a 2 1/2 "story" house or 2 1/2 "Storey" house. Haha. So, beware when you are looking for houses, either you are looking for "story" house or "storey" house. Lol.

To the developer, no offense. To the people, beware. Haha.

New Gadgets from Japan

Haha, like from the title above, this post certainly have something to do with Japan. Lol.

Last tuesday, my parents just arrived back in Penang after one week of travelling in Japan. They told us Japan was so so fun. But the only complain is that the expenses being used there is quite expensive. Haha. Of course, if not, how do you called it the most technological place in world. Haha, the word was created by myself. They bought us some gadgets to get us up to date. Haha. Surprisingly, one gadgets does catches my attention, I am not sure what is was, because, the whole packet is in Japanese words (haha). And also, my parents doesn't ask them what is that item when they purchase that. Lol. This gadgets cost 3k Japanese yen, so i really need to ask any japanese experts to translate it for me. Haha

This is the gadgets that I don't quite know what does it do, but i do see some ipod sign and car adapter, I assume it something got to do with ipod and car. lol. I better need to ask some one who knows japanese.

This is the another gadget they bought us, which is a mouse (It stated in English below the Sony Brand, HAHA)

The living stlye of most Japanese was quite peaceful. So, because of their lifestyle, many Japanese can lived quite long comparing to our country (sigh, polluted environment). Another thing they told us is that all guys in Japan are "male chauvinism"(i hope i get the word right, which means "tai lam yan" (cantonese) and "da nan ren ju yi" (mandarin) HAHA) as they doesn't allow their wife to work anymore after they get married.

In the tour they went to many places, including Mt. Fuji. I posted the picture of it to share with all of you. The scenery of it is so nice.

This is the picture of the "Sakura" flower which only blossoms during the autumn season.

Another interesting stuff in Japan is that the toilet there are so so called "unique". It can automatically wash for you. Haha. It concludes "Stop", "Shower", and "Bidet"(what is it?) button.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fat get Rich ? Or otherwise...?

I heard many people told me when they see me "Wow, you looks so like tauke". Haha. What does that suppose to means? Finally i get to understand some theories about it. "Do all fat people get rich?" or "Do rich people get fat?". I really don't know which is the better words to describe. But, i do get one and best summary, "all rich peoples are fat". HAHA. That statement was made just to make myself happy. No offense to all people. I am just trying to make some jokes here.
LOL, Chao.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Be like Pro...

Today, nothing interestings happened. Haha. Just went through a normal day. Went to badminton today, and played a few matches and lost all matches (sigh). Never mind about that, during that match i do try some trick shots and 1/5 of them succeed. Hehe. Nono... not the one same as Lin Dan, is the Peter Gade (Denmark) tricks, where he fake and double motion when he plays on the net. Haha. So glad it went through after millions of tries. That was the Peter Gade trademark shot. HEHE. Too Bad didn't have camera to take. Haha. Below is some videos from Badminton real trickshot. Do see about it. HAHA. I am starting to like badminton now.

The real competition trickshot. Watch out for Peter Gade's trademark shot.

All the trickshot action from Swiss Badminton. Catch some action.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

College Life - End

Wednesday, 2nd April 2008, finally marks the end of the my college life in INTI college Penang. After almost 3 years stuck in the Diploma in INTI, i finally can see the end of it. HAHA. But, i do feel sad and happy together. Haha. The happy stuff is that i get to known many many good frens.

In college life, many bachelors like me would like to have more chance to get hook up or attach with some girls. Haha. So, i came out with a statistics that will certainly attract many people's attention. Haha. Those stats are:

Girls known : quite a few?
Girls gone out with : none
Hot Chicks known : none(one to two maybe?)
Hot Chicks gone out with: none (sigh)
Girls gone out in a group: quite a few times, around 3-4 kua
Girls gone out one on one: none (sigh)
Guys gone out with: OMG, too much.. lost count haha.
Percentage went out with girls: 4.2134%
Results: confirm failure (sigh)

These stats shows why i feel sad. Lol. I have nothing else to say, but "I failed"
HAHA... This post i only for joking... nothing really interesting about it. Hope it doesn't offend anyone. HAHA