Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I was randomly listening my ipod, and i listened to this song.
This song is great... I love this song so much as it is so meaningful to me~..
Try listen to it..

亮亮 - 爱你实在太累



gan qing jian jian li qu


lei shi wo de xin


wang zhi zhe duan qing


wang ji ni shi wo wei yi


nu ren de xin chao yi li qu


shi sui de hui yi rang wo hen hen wang qi ni


ai ni shi zai tai lei


mei you hou hui liu xia lei


teng ni de ren yi xin xui


liu guo de lei bu hou hui


shui ran ai ni shi zai tai lei


ai guo de ren bu xiang zai shui

伤了 走了 醉了 碎了

shang le, zou le, zhui le, sui le

爱了你 实在太累

ai le, ni shi zai tai lei.




During the easter weekend, we celebrated my friends birthday... Zin Fang and Chee Sen. Happy Birthday to them. And to show my sincerity, i cook Hokkien Mee for them to eat.. Such nice.. These are the pictures taken during that day...

Preparing food...

My friends cutting veges and making sushis..
Cutting vegetables and others

Sushi and My Hokkien Mee Soup..

Evo, the sushi maker..
Everyone enjoys my food.. so happy ^^ Even my Austrian Housemates say it's nice. Haha

Bowie and Nesh.
Me and Chow .
Me with my Austrian housemates, Lukas Winter. Hehe
Chee Sen with him.
Birthday Boys.
And our group photos...
Great EVENT~~
I love it so much... haha
Especially they finished my cooking...
Enough Said.. Bye~..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wineglass Bay (10th April 2009)

Starting our journey.... At home..

Toyota Camry

Toyota Rav 4

Me driving... Hehe

Stopped at one scenic lookout to take picture...

Another stop to find toilet..

and famous a peaceful community of "Good Friday"

Stopped before our WineGlass Bay location, to take photos of the hill that we are climbing...

Me and my friends...
While Climbing up to the hill... to see the scenery of WineGlass Bay.

Starting point...

Group photo...

all Alone.........

At the Wine Glass Bay Scenic Lookout...

How nice... OMG...

Another nice group photo...

I like both this pictures...

After we came down...

Group photo after coming down...

Playing with small kangaroo, called wallaby..

At Friendly Beach...

Nice jump.. i look more like shaolin soccer's fatty.. haha

On the way back home...

Took the pictures of sunsets...

Buffet dinner...

The buffet dinner sux to the max... no doubt.. all of want to throw up after eating the mango pudding... But still, due to hunger, we still ate alot.. haha
Great enjoyment trip... Gotta plan next one real soon.. haha

Back to blogging...

Hi all fellows friends and family... It's long since the last i blogged... And i sincerely apologize for my absence. Without knowing, time has past very very fast for me. Really, it has almost 2months after i left my hometown and come back to studies. To be honest, i do missed plenty of stuff over back home. But never-the-less, I still enjoyed my life here still.

In the past 2 months, I have been working much on lot of assesements, projects, quizzes and so on.. And during the weekends, i play badmintons.. That's why I seldomly blogged in the last few weeks... Other than just working and playing, I also have to cook for me and my friends in alternate weeks. Haha.. Now you know what i have been doing...
Days before the break, i have 2 major individual assignment to pass-up, that's why i felt so relief now. Haha.

After working on assignments and course work so much i finally get to back to blogging, due to the supposed called "Easter Break" which is our mid-semester break. Too bad, it's just one week. But, i have been enjoying it till now. We did make a plan to visit some nice locations weeks before the Easter Break. And finally we come up to the decision to go to the "WineGlass Bay" (pictures will be shown in the next post). We went on 10th of April which is a Friday. We rented 2 cars to go there and visit. And we really really enjoyed our times there. Don't worry, i will show you guys the pictures the next post. It's really nice. Haha.

That's what i can update you all till now... And i promise i will update you guys as soon as possible again. Don't worry.. There are more to come... I will think of more stuff to write the next updates.