Monday, July 6, 2009

1st Anniversary in Tasmania...

Time flies very fast actually... I am already here for exactly one year. I arrived this place called Hobart, Tasmania 1 year ago... And I survived till now. Thank god and everyone. Half more year and i will be gone~ Haha.

Happy 1st Anniversary to me and Tasmania!!!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Man Utd & Football Transfers...

As the transfer windows reopens again after the season ends.. It's time again for football transfers again... Real Madrid was the biggest spender for this summer's transfer as they had bought Kaka from AC Milan and also Cristiano Ronaldo from Man Utd. Finally, after times and times again speculation for Cristiano Ronaldo to leaves for Real Madrid came through, after it came through in quite a fashion. He is now the world's most expensive player after Real Madrid pays 80 million euros for him. Good Luck to him and Real Madrid..

After Ronaldo leaving, then we have to encounter with Tevez's departure from Man Utd. Tevez are being released after being loaned for 2 years for playing in Man Utd. He leaves due to the lacked of playing chance in the first team squad. He is most likely to sign for Man City, which is the arch city rivals of Man Utd.

As all we know, there aren't any one in the world which could fit into the Man Utd team and replace both Cristiano Ronaldo and Tevez, and act as if there aren't any changes happening in the squad at all. We all do respect, hate him or love him, Ronaldo is the current World Player of the Year, and his goals and contribution towards Man Utd are usually crucial. Never a doubt. Tevez is another player that we shall all missed, due to his full hearted commitment while playing. It's too bad that we will lose both talented players. But football is football and Man Utd is Man Utd. There are no footballer are be able to be bigger than the club itself. This is one reason i would rather Ronaldo to leave than to stay after all those antics that he showed that he wasn't satisfied with the manager and club. To be clear, I would rather Ronaldo to leave than Ferguson, one of the succesful managers in Premier League. And Ronaldo's departure to Real Madrid, it is one of the footballing business ever seen. Bought C.Ronaldo on the price of 12 million the year after Beckham leaves, and now got the return of 80million, totally a good footballing business. No doubt.

So, how could we replace both Tevez and Ronaldo? Everyone would look towards the likes of Villa, Benzema, Ribery, and Silva. But, Villa has stated that he wanted to leaves in Spain. Benzema has officially signed for Real Madrid, and Ribery stated that Real Madrid is the only destination while there are no words for Silva yet. And another, Sergio Aguero is another young prodigy which could be a good signing for Man Utd. But Athletico Madrid says they wanted 60million euros for him. Ibrahimovic and Etoo might be a great idea, but there aren't any news for Man Utd to buy them yet.

Some official signings that Man Utd has made is: Antonio Valencia, which could be a replacement for Ronaldo in wingers department, and MICHAEL OWEN. Michael Owen has officially joined Man Utd from Newcastle United for Free Transfer after Newcastle Utd released him after being relegated from Premier League. For me, Michael Owen is a smart buy, as there are no fees for signing him, and also if Ferguson will be able to get the best out of him, payback could be more than that.

"Either way, if this move goes through, it'll be one of the shocks of the summer – and that includes Real Madrid's mind-boggling wheeling and dealing. Suddenly, when you drag Sir Alex Ferguson into the equation, the whole scenario takes on a different complexion. Is this actually genius in disguise, or is Optimus Prime a few nuts and bolts short of an Autobot, reacting unpredictably as he wages his battle to destroy the evil forces of The Decepticons (Real Madrid).
First, even if we're talking about a full English with 50k on the breakfast table every week, those kinds of wages are par for the course where United are concerned. It's a reasonable punt when you look at the betting slip, because when you take away all the nonsense, Owen has quality – top quality – somewhere amongst all the baggage.

Then there's the fact that, unlike the mid-to-lower-level Premier League outfits mentioned in connection with Owen, who need guarantees for that money and expectation level, United always find space in their squad for fringe men. Carlos Tevez didn't like the role – it insulted him. Owen, who can't guarantee an injury-free spell at his next club in any case, would likely be content to be rotated over the course of a packed fixture list.

Of course, Fergie has done this before. Teddy Sheringham came in as a veteran and helped to win United the Champions League ten years ago. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was always highly-regarded by his colleagues and the fans, walking around with a big smile on his face, despite his ongoing, persistent injury problems. Henrik Larsson, too, came in for a short spell and made a big impact. The Swede wasn't injury-free either, although he'd banged them in for fun during his time with Celtic, and came to Old Trafford with certain guarantees and a more up-to-date CV.

Elsewhere, goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar signed as a veteran, with question marks all over him. Now, he's set a high benchmark for United's next No.1. Plus, the fans already have a good understanding of the way Ferguson uses his squad. Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are free to flit in and out of the line-up, making an impact and using their experience where they can. Owen would have to fall into the category too, surely, even though he's only 29." Articles extract from Greg Plotomey.

I do agree Michael Owen is a smart buy, but i still think that, Fergie should buy another star or playmaker that could help Rooney and Berbatov to sparehead Man Utd's title defense next year.

Michael Jackson R.I.P

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has pass away on the 25th of June. I was quite shock when i heard the news that tell us that Michael is dead. MJ is one of the artise that I really admire and like. Although he did change from Black to White, there is no doubt about his brilliance in singing and also dancing, notably moonwalking.. It's sad to see MJ leaves us in the age of 50, but MJ passed away still, but his legendary won't leave us.

I would like to post this video from MJ which is the first time he did moonwalking in a performance during 1983. Haha. Quite old video. Enjoy~

May and June...

Misty Day.

Sorry guys, but I was away from blog for around almost a month or so for may and june. This is due to examination looming. And now, finally i am having holidays after the examinations. Haha. Well, May and June was rather hectic month. I had to finished the 1st Release of the Project that we are working on, which is the sensor web. And also, I also did the presentation for the Project. Haha. It gone quite well though, nothing much of a problem. Haha.
Okay, lets make up on what happened in May for me. Firstly, it is the project presentation that I am doing for my project team. Me (Client Liaison) , James (Project Manager) and the Alex (Technical Manager) of our team will be presenting our project to our lecturers, clients and audiences. Lucky for me, all gone well and we have no hard problem encountering it, although still waiting for the result to be released on 8th July (Wednesday).

My Project Team.

Me and friends, and then celebrate at UniBar after presentation before back to lecture.

After having our presentation, it is the night of the Champion League Finals. Man Utd vs Barcelona. Well, i watched the game with my Austrian housemates, Lukas Winter. We were both supporting Man Utd, but too bad, they lost. Barcelona were just to good that night, to be more accurate, Man Utd were playing awkwardly that night, no doubt Barcelona were the Champions. Credits to Josep Guardiola and co. Looks like Messi is going to win the Player of the Year for 2009. It is tough bet for not going for him. He has some awesome playing style where Cristiano Ronaldo were nowhere near him, and Man Utd defender can't contain the whole night during the Champion League Finals.

Congratulations to Barcelona!!

Then, comes the Swine Flu cases. Me and friends have actually planned to go to Melbourne for holidays during our semester break. But, due to the continuous cases for Swine Flu, we had to cancelled our trip there. Too bad. So much for the Swine Flu case. The spreading of the Swine Flu cases are too fast, that is one reason why we cancelled our trip, the amount of people confirmed cases were 1,400...

And also, then one of our University's staff were also infected by Swine Flu while we are having examinations. That lead to big fear from the University which stated that those who are having flu symptoms are not allowed into the examination due to fast spreading flu in the thin air. LOL. What a joke. But ended up? One guy in the same examination hall with me brought few packs of tissue with him and entered the examination hall. Haha. But, in fact, I were also infected with flu and fever before and during examinations, but who cares about the school rules. Haha. Lucky for me it is not Swine Flu cases. Haha. Luckily i managed to recover before the examinations.

But luckily, 3 subjects that I am taking, I have 2 subject that allows us to take "Cheat Sheet" into the examination hall. Which means we are allowed to take an A4 size paper with our own hand-written notes. Haha. I managed to write in very very small words in the paper. Haha.

The cheat sheet for ICT project management, 1 page only..

The cheat sheet for Business Logistics (2 pages)

You can start and imagine how much i can write in this paper. Yeah, you can start to imagine, but i managed to write almost 2000 words in one page for the first subject. And the second subject, i have 2 pages, i might have wrote around 3-4k words essay already in the A4 size paper. Haha. Well, this is uni life... Have fun~

And before the examination i also bought a new 1TB external Hard Disk. Haha. I will be able to download alot of stuff after buying this new hard disk. How nice~