Monday, September 8, 2008

Mid Sem Break

The famous Bruny Lighthouse. Since 200 years ago.

View from near lighthouse

Last week, 1/9/2008- 7/9/2008 was our University Mid Semester Break. This means that there are no classes this week. Well, it doesn't affect me alot, afterall I don't have quite lot of classes. I still have to complete few assignment during the holiday. But, last week was completely awesome. Our Malaysian friends, 3 of them staying in next few doors, we are becoming quite close to them. Haha. They came over to our house to play games (Uno and "Cheats") oftenly. Haha. Which is nice. Well, we did went out together on Tuesday to hang out and shopping (Eastlands) and they are quite enjoyable. Haha. They also gives us suggestions to go to rent cars and go to other place to explore and play. Which we did.

We did planning on Tuesday and we went to Bruny Island on Friday. There were 8 of us, where our actual planning was to rent a Toyota Estima and all of us in a car. But, due to Australian Law, if you are not over 25 years old, you are not allowed to drive a big or luxury car. So, we have to rent 2 cars. One of them is Toyota Corrolla Seca (known as Toyota Yaris in Malaysia) and another is Nissan Tiida (known as Nissan Latio in Malaysia). Me, Jay, Sh, and TH sit on the Toyota while the others on another car. This is the first time we are going exploring in Australia (by using maps i meant).

The two cars that we rent.

We start our journey early in the morning. And we got to the ferry at 10 something to sit the ferry to the Bruny Island. Each vehicle cost $25. So, we have to share among ourself. $25 is already for two ways (seems familiar with Penang-Butterworth). Haha.

Picture taken near the jetty. Awful lots of yatch.

Picture of me and friends taken in the jetty while waiting for ferry.

Picture taken with Phoebe, girlfriend of my another friend.

Me and Chow on the ferry

We arrive at the Bruny Island around 11 something. After arriving, we tried to follow each others car, as another car is finding the way, we are following. But, we failed to locate them when they stopped at roadside and we didn't see it, as we are block by another car infront. Then we tought that they are infront, so we try chase, but end up finding no one. The worst things is that the telephone line is not working as well. There are no line for Optus. So, we can't contact each other. So, we U-turn after awhile. Then, 15 minutes later, we found them at a scene lookout. Haha. How lucky.

Pictures taken at the scenic lookout.

After stopping at here, then we soon go to another location. By following the map, we went to a museum. The museum is very small(actually smaller than villa now alot). And it cost us $4 per person for entry. So, we decided not to go in. Then we took pictures around there.

The museum that i mentioned just now.

Got too boring again and done something extreme again, Sleeping on the road. I was doing it because there are very very very rare car in this island. HAHA.

After that, we soon left the place and went to a cafe for lunch. Damn the food there is quite expensive, one plate of Wedges is $9. Haha. Damn. So, we share the food with friends together.

The maze games, but unluckily, we didn't play it, not enough time, maybe next time.

The view of our restaurant

Lunch time.


After the lunch, we soon leave to another location to search for another scenic view. But, after here, we soon follow the map, but we haven't found the place where the map is mentioning. So, we have to go to another locations. Following is the pictures of it. All of them quite nice scenery.

I didn't notice I was in this picture, I was very tired after hiking up the hill and there i am in this picture... HAHA... What does this picture trying to mean? The scenery? Jay? me ? or no trepassing symbol there while i am being punished? Haha... You figure it yourself... Below is the compliation of pictures in Bruny Island...