Thursday, July 31, 2008

1st University Presentation...

The chapter that i am going to present. "THE DEVELOPMENT OF ERP system"

Wednesday, 30th July 2008, the date that marked my 1st presentation in Australia or as in University life... I really put alot of effort on this presentation... I was quite nervous in the begining, but as the time moves on, i began to overcome my fear, and after awhile, i finally get to what i am really good at. That is, of course, TALKING and to talk without fear of being questioned. My coursemates were rarely falling asleep as i tried as hard as possible to make my presentation as interesting as possible. Other than that, i constantly tell some jokes as well.

As i was finishing, I have a look at my watch, as I haven't notice, I have been talking or presenting for 1 hour. The time limit for the presentation was, 40 minutes. The lecturer must had been quite interested in that, so, she haven't called me to stop (but, last week, she called one of my coursemates to stop presenting while my coursemates is reaching the time limits,might be mine is more interesting). After i finished presenting, my lecturer gave comment on me. She told me that I made an excellent job (and I was quite happy for that because i really wasted a awful lot of effort in that) because i was presenting 1st time in University. After the class finishes, my other coursemates also told me that I done a great job in presenting. And I was all smilling. Too bad that, 2 of my friends already withdraw from this subject. If not, i will be supporting them next time. They came and support me while they already withdrew from the subject. Haha. After that, I was quite satisfied with myself for the presentation. And there goes my first hurdles in University. There are many more to come, might be nightmare next, not hurdles. Haha. Who might know what a joyful day can turn into a pressured day? Nobody knows. Haha

Me in my new black white stripe sweater which proves quite good luck.

Me answering questions.

Me presenting module of ERP.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Winson in Tasmania...

Hello all... It's quite a long period of time since last i updated blog. As you can see in the last post, i am still in Penang. Haha. Sorry that i failed to blogged for this period of time. Really. I was trying quite well to adapt to everything in Hobart, Tasmania. Yea, it's true. Things are certainly different without my family here, especially my parents. I had to made own desicions, made own breakfast, and take care of some housework (which, i never bothered during my times in Penang. Haha. Looks like i have learnt to live independent). But, for some credit, i still get to talk to them through video call quite rightly, every night. Haha.

First point first. I have safely arrived in Hobart, Tasmania. And I have already started to go classes since last week. This week is already week 2. How fast times past. Looking forward, maybe the next time i blogged, it might already been few minutes before i sit in the plane back to Penang. Haha. Let's keep our finger crossed. I arrived in Hobart at 6th of July 2008 around 10something Aussie time (which means it is around 8 something in Malaysia). Before that, we sat in the Melbourne airport for around 9-10 hours before we finally managed to transit to go to Hobart.

Picture taken while waiting in Melbourne Airport

Pictures of Melbourne Airport.

After we arrived, there were a guy fetch us to our accomodation. The guy name is Michael, he is quite friendly, by introducing us many place while our journey to our Villa accomodation. But, when we arrive in our accomodation. We were quite shocked. Why? You might asked. It is because, our accomodation are quite far from the University. But there's a shortcut. Because we are all the way top in the mountain named Mount Nelson. We need to walk down the mountain for 15 minutes to arrived to the Uni. But, if we were to climb up, (which i tried before) it would take us approxmiately, around 45 minutes. Haha. Btw, when climbing down, the hill is quite sloopy, so my knee will be quite pain. But, after few tries, then i am already okay with it.
Me, Tze Hau, Chee Sen and Jay are all living in Unit 6 now, while Sin Hoong is living in Unit 5. Which is next door.

The living hall of my house.

The room with the door opened is my room.

Me and my friends that lived in Unit 6.

The shortcut walk to uni that takes 15 minutes. (You can see how far i am now)

View of casino from top of the mountain.

Pictures of the University Center, from opposite bus stop.

My studies right now here are not quite good. It is because 3 of my 4 subjects that i took is 3 online study. 1 of them is fully online and 100% coursework, while 2 more does have workshop without lectures. 1 more is an elective subject, but my degree co-ordinator told us to take one subject called Enterprise Resource Planning. On first thought, this would be the only normal subject that i took with lectures. But, on the first class, i had a shocked. The lecturer (which is the unit co-ordinator which advised us to take this subject) told us that we need to prepare for presentation, because we had 9 students and just had 9 chapter, so, each of us will do presentation every week on every chapter. Wow, i was in quite a shocked, this means that the lecturer doesn't need to teach already. After all i added up, all 4 subjects does need self study. What a tough university life. Haha. What to do, I just have to try my best. Btw, i picked 2nd chapter to present, which means, i will be presenting next wednesday. Haha. What a rush towards uni life. Haha. That's what i can write till now. In the next post, i will write more on places that i went to and also nice scenery that i taken down on photo. Till then. Bye