Monday, October 5, 2009

The blame game...

How many times in life that you usually blame someone else for the things that you have done? How many time is it that you wrongly blame someone or something that in fact you had really wrong? Well, if you does that, you are human afterall. Trust me, it's normal. I think 70-80% of the human usually blame others over the thing you had done. But, in truth, many people does know and understand that blaming people is not really a nice thing to do. Blaming is in fact, someone is hiding from the truth and then try to direct the responsible to another thing or person in order for that person to have an "easy heart".

I recently encountered this problem. I have a friend that like to blame. He never really like to blame himself over the wrong thing that he had done. Like, sometimes, when he didn't attend an appointment with me, he will blame others that make him late, but in fact, he is the one who is late, of course i don't really care bout that coz it doesn't have much affect on me. But later i think it got worse. He started to blame the lecturer which let the class off earlier, which lead to him going to the casino. He did not blame himself for addicted to gambling, but in fact, he blamed the lecturer for letting the class off earlier. Which lead me to write this post. How can one really understand that sometimes we have to blame ourself rather than blaming other things/person?

For me, i have learnt that we have to blame myself rather than blaming on the others about the things that i had done wrong. In fact, there were some accident that sometimes i wanted to blame others, but in the end, i blame myself for doing such mistakes. And, the person did really forgave me for the fault that i caused, because i blamed myself for things that i done and i never really hide from the mistakes. Although it takes alot of courage, I think if everyone is willing to admit for the mistakes, then the world would be in peace (which this won't happens, lol xD). So, i think it is better for us to be ourself. Haha. Be yourself in whatever way you wants.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

University Life~

Life is like a show~ the name of my blog... how much do you doubt this quotes/words? Well, for me, not at all.. I used to doubt it, but this what i have had been through lately in life.
I was enjoying my life, i was given a hope, then i was heartbroken, people has been avoiding me, after that, made more friends, but, few more friends start to hate me, acted in a short movie for presentation, luckily that I am completing my bachelor course soon, but now I felt that I will miss the memories and friends here alot.
It's quite amazing to think about it. All of these things happened in merely 2-3 months of my life here. I wonder how all of this things started after I had quite a busy semester 1 in the start of the year. We didn't really get to socialize much during that time, but now, i think in this semester, I knew more friends than I actually can thought of before I came to Tasmania. Well, it's quite nice and lively to live a UNI LIFE with very much friends. But, too bad, Uni life also is a perfect time for one teenager to find his love or soul mates. I think i failed badly in this section, which sometimes i never knew why. Blame me fat, ugly, poor or whatever, but sometimes, I just can't changed myself for who i am. Too bad then. I will try to change for better but, although the best is not enough, then i am sorry~ haha (This doesn't meant anything at all, don't worry). I will remained who I am for now. I just found out that relationship things is very complicated as usual, i shall stay out of it for now. Haha.
Another 20 days and it is my 1st exam subject, and i didn't really know what the subject really teached although this is web development. But, the subject is mostly on coding, which i don't really like it, but i still have to learn it. Lol. I hope i really be able to pass this subject, in order to graduate this year. If not, then i will have to wait till another year. Pray Hard~ My exam is on: 24th October, 4th November and 7th November. The period between after exam and graduation is the most hardest time for me. It's because all my close friends are leaving back to hometown. I will be missing them really alot. I hope that i will have chance to meet them again in the future soon~
But what's really buzzing my mind is that, I don't know where my future lies after this year. Whether i should apply for work in here, Australia? or going back to Malaysia to find a job. Either way, i will be going back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year, well that's for sure. Maybe someone, or something could give me a hint? Well, for now i need to focus on enjoying my life and also passing the exam in order to graduate this year.
And oh yeah, i have been into acting abit as well lately. Haha. One of the subject that i am taking this semester which is Enterpreneurship and Creativity, need our group to create a inspirational movie that could inspire and lead change on someone. Below is the movie that we came up with. Although we get the last place in the class, we still get 80/100 as overall. Some groups did a great job, but some did get better marks than us without doing much work than us. Haha. But nevertheless, this is the movie that I acted in.

This is all things that i have been through in just a small period of 1 - 2 months. My life certainly have alot of ups and downs. And for now, i really enjoyed my Uni life, even though in previous times, i did regret coming to here. But now, with still 1-2 months to go for my time in Tasmania, I will do what i can to enjoy~

Cradle Mountain (1st - 2nd September)

This is the photo album for Cradle Mountain. We sure have had enjoyment time going there. I think this is the last trip that we will be going. I surely enjoy it although some stuff did bother me, but I still enjoy this trip. These are the pictures of it. Enjoy~