Monday, October 5, 2009

The blame game...

How many times in life that you usually blame someone else for the things that you have done? How many time is it that you wrongly blame someone or something that in fact you had really wrong? Well, if you does that, you are human afterall. Trust me, it's normal. I think 70-80% of the human usually blame others over the thing you had done. But, in truth, many people does know and understand that blaming people is not really a nice thing to do. Blaming is in fact, someone is hiding from the truth and then try to direct the responsible to another thing or person in order for that person to have an "easy heart".

I recently encountered this problem. I have a friend that like to blame. He never really like to blame himself over the wrong thing that he had done. Like, sometimes, when he didn't attend an appointment with me, he will blame others that make him late, but in fact, he is the one who is late, of course i don't really care bout that coz it doesn't have much affect on me. But later i think it got worse. He started to blame the lecturer which let the class off earlier, which lead to him going to the casino. He did not blame himself for addicted to gambling, but in fact, he blamed the lecturer for letting the class off earlier. Which lead me to write this post. How can one really understand that sometimes we have to blame ourself rather than blaming other things/person?

For me, i have learnt that we have to blame myself rather than blaming on the others about the things that i had done wrong. In fact, there were some accident that sometimes i wanted to blame others, but in the end, i blame myself for doing such mistakes. And, the person did really forgave me for the fault that i caused, because i blamed myself for things that i done and i never really hide from the mistakes. Although it takes alot of courage, I think if everyone is willing to admit for the mistakes, then the world would be in peace (which this won't happens, lol xD). So, i think it is better for us to be ourself. Haha. Be yourself in whatever way you wants.

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SirSimplySaw said...

Blaming is a very very *hard* game...when 911 happens th american blame osama and the osama blame america, then obama be president then saw be prime minister..

i dun think is a honourable idea to blame others or even yourself, blaming is like trying to avoid responsiblities. is like when you make your girl pregnant then u blame the condom for lau kang simply because u try to avoid to be responsible.

whatever you do , your action is your responsibilty... but of course some ppl just cant take responsibility so up your arse..