Friday, November 28, 2008

Doraemon and Asimo

Today, 27/11/2008. I went to QueensBay Mall today. My main motives of going there is to see the Honda's robot, ASIMO. Haha. I went to QB by my cousin brother fetching my there after lunch with him. After meeting with friends, we started to walk around because the show time for ASIMO is 5.30 pm. We need to wait for some time before that. So, we walked around, then i met my friend, my idol of life. Haha.

I meet Doraemon, so i took photo with him. Haha

After that, we chatted and went to Old Town. Then i started to find some games to play. The game is to find a word that ends with "-zing". Haha. We sure wasted alot of time thinking of that. Haha. Then after that we went to see ASIMO. There were so many ppl. Damn.

I took video of it, but i haven't upload it yet. I will upload it as soon as possible.

After watching that, then we went to eat Ikan Bakar. Sorry, Jim (next time go with you). Haha. Then we went home after eating. Nothing much.

Btw, my exam result will be released on 28th November, which is today. Hopefully i pass all of them. Few more hours. Haha

Hatyai, 22/11/2008

After arriving from Australia, this is my first time on trip to some place. And this time, the place is Hatyai, Thailand. I went together with my family and uncle's family with cousin. We start travelling on early morning at Saturday. After that, we rent a van to drive us in to the city, then our car is parked at the duty free car park.

After arriving, we started shopping like mad. Haha. I started by buying shorts. But the most important motives is to eat. Haha. On the afternoon, we bought drumsticks, sticky rice and many "xiao chi" to eat in our room. After that, I went to ancient massage. Haha. It was very nice and relaxing. Before went to massage, i bought a jersey for a friend of mine and then bought 2 t-shirts for myself. Haha. After massaging, we went to eat dinner. Haha. The dinner is super-delicious with thai specials. Haha. Sorry, I was too hungry so i forgot to take the picture bout it. Lol. After dinner, we went to shopping again at few super market. Haha. Most important of all, i manage to eat McDonalds Samurai Pork Burger. Haha. That is a MUST eat in thailand for all.

The next day, we again went to shopping. After shopping, we went to eat famous shark fin in hatyai. Haha.

famous Shark fin

After eating, then we start to prepare to go back. Haha. After packing, around 2pm, the van driver fetch us to the immigration 1st. After immigration, then we went to our own car to drive myself home. But, before going home, we pay my grandma a visits. That's all for the day. Haha

Life After...

After encountered a very tiring day travelling by plane, i finally arrived in Penang at 2300 13/11/2008. My family and cousin were already waiting for me outside. I was very happy to see them. The feeling is like "finally, i am back home" with all my family and brothers around me and i don't have to afraid anymore. Haha.

My day started on very early morning on 13 november. I didn't sleep much that day as i have already keep most on my pillow and bolster to the storage. So, i just have a bed to sleep on. I had a sleep for about few hours before i begin my journey to home. The airporter pick us up at 8 something. While arrive at the airport, the people told us that our plane have delayed for an hour. After an hour, it delays again till 12 something. So, we need to rush again while we arrive in Melbourne. Haha. Luckily, we manage to do everything in time. But when i was going in to the international departure terminal, one guard wanted me to weigh my hand luggage, laptop bag, and also plastic bag that i took. He was so stupid that he added all up together, as laptop bag is always allowed to go through. Then i tell him that, but still he insist that i cannot go through unless i put something behind (What a stupid fellow). So, i need to run out again to check in my hand luggage, but the counter already closed. By that time, i was already so so panic, cause the time is already 3.15 while my plane board at 3.40. So i call my friend (from Johor) to take the plastic bag that contain chocolate for me. So, the second time, he let me through. Luckily. So, after that i run in immediately and look for the gate. Then, everything goes well after that till i arrive in Penang. Haha. So, that's my story on my journey back home.

After i arrived in Penang, my family immediately bring me to go to Kayu Nasi Kandar. Haha. It was so nice as i haven't eat any nasi kandar for so long. Haha. Then, after that, i went back to my sweet home. Haha. Nothing really changed. After unpacking few stuff, i then slept around 2 something. But, i woke up at 6 something in the next day. It must be because of jet lag and also time differences. Haha.

After that, i have been meeting many friends till now. Lol. I am starting to enjoying my time over here. Just started to hope that my time here wont ends. Haha.

Leaving Tasmania...

I left Hobart, Tasmania on 13th November... But, before that i bought some souvenirs for my family. I bought chocolates and some shirts for some friends... Haha.. At last, i had only $3 AUD in my bank account in Australia. Lol. I took some pictures when we went shopping and also some picture of my long hair before leaving. Haha.

Those are some pictures that i took while walking in the streets of Hobart... Haha...

Other than that, before we all left, my taiwanese good friend, cook for us "Ma Lak Steamboat". Haha. Damn syok. So so so hot... Luckily i manage to eat much too. We managed to throw ourselves a party-like dinner, few days before we all left Hobart. Below's some picture bout it.

Some food cook by us. In the picture is Ping (not LSP), Friend from Beijing, she teached me Mandarin quite much. Haha.

Some food that i learned to cook while i am in Tasmania. Penang Laksa. 80-90% succesful. Haha. 100% my own work. Hehe. (I forgotten to take picture on Hokkien Mee that i cooked)

This is the picture that i took in the morning that i will be leaving. Haha. Still having long hair.

A short-hair me after cutting hair few days after arriving in Penang. Haha.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My 21st birthday in Tasmania...

Hello all again, this is my heartiest apologies for all friends who were reading my blogs all along. Very sorry again for being absent from blogging for awhile now. I have finished exam on 7th of November and i am back in Penang on 13th of November. Well, before that there are few things that I want to show pictures about.

Firstly, it is my birthday on 29th October (sorry didn't do this post earlier). But, I was having exam on the 29th of October. The subject for that is called System Development Methodology. That subject allowed us to take notes in, so i reckon it is not so bad. But, still, i did few mistakes while writing the question number... Sigh.. But never mind of that, since its over already. Then later at night, i thought that no one would have known my birthday.. Suddenly, they gave me a surprise party. Haha. It was quite nice... but i have known about the planning, so that's not very surprise for me afterall. Lol. There are few pictures i can show bout it.