Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A changed person?

It's been time since I had blogged (again!). Ha ha. My apologize. It is also quite a time since I came back to my home in Penang. Time has past so fast, I didn't even noticed. It's already been 3 months. It seems that I had already adapted to the environment in Penang and everything. But one thing really seems different for me. For some reason, I had thought that the way I done things now and the way I done things before I went to overseas to study is very different indeed. I still doesn't really known any differences, but I don't think any thing had changed regarding the environment and also the people around me. Is it because I am a changed person now? I don't know bout that. Maybe I did changed, but is it to the good or to the bad? Who knows?

After all these times, I guess I have changed a lot in terms of my temper management. Few of my friends has told me that. Maybe they are right. I do think that the me before I left to further my studies, I think my temper was bad, i was a very hot tempered person and I really thinks that my anger could overcome anyone. But after all these times, I think i had changed that. Thanks to some of my friend. I am much calmer when doing things now. It sometime makes me felt more nicer. By being more calmer, I guess i can do much more thinking than when i am at panic. Ha ha. I guess this makes me a changed person than before. I hope so. Ha ha. One of my friends told me that "Winson, after you had come back from Tasmania, i think you had changed a lot.. It's so good..." Ha ha. I was quite happy after that. Finally a praise and appreciation that I had changed. Thanks.

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