Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mount Nelson Villa 6

Haha... Without knowing, it's already one and half year i have stay in this "house"... This has been my 2nd so called home after my home back in Penang. I don't know why, but i think after living here for sometimes now, and i don't feel like moving other place although other place is so much better. This is my last day in this house anymore, and i think i wont able to sleep or play in this house anymore... I felt sad that I am leaving... but nevertheless, every beginning has its ending, everyone knows that, and i must well accepted the fact.

This particular house, named Mount Nelson Villa 6 is an accomodation offered by the Accomodation office of UTAS. When we first came to our place, we were horrified, terrified... because it's quite far from the uni and you need to cross 7 hairpin corners like the one in Initial D where there are only 5 in there and we have 7 in our Mount Nelson. But, after staying for sometimes, we soon settled down and then we never really thought of moving out. And yes, of course, 5 of us are staying together... Me, CheeSen, SinHoong,Taki and TzeHau... All from our Inti Diploma course. haha. As we continue staying here for 1.5 years, the house did bring us alot of funs and happy memories. We have held endless birthday parties, parties... games night, drinking night... and sooooo many more. Maybe it is because 5 of us stayed here together.

Last year our group of Mount Nelson contains 5 of us, and Zin Fang, Phoebe, Chow and Nesh. We did have a very very nice time then. But this year, all of them moved to uni apartments, which is much better place than here, but 5 of us still stayed over here, and then we got Evo, who is new to the Uni this year, moved in to Mount Nelson Villa 2. He did had alot of fun with us, although there are only 6 of us, but the happy times is like 95%. No matter what we do, all we know is enjoy and happy. Whether we are playing games, eating dinner together, buying groceries and so on... We did alot of fun in this house. Really so appreciate the time... Hope i can turn back time. After that, our group grew bigger even without ppl moving in to the Mount Nelson Villas, soon we had like more than 10 people having party in our house. It's again very happy memories. And I was most of the time considered as the host of the house as I always talk and entertain any guest who came to our house. And maybe because of this I had this feeling that I have a bond with the house. And finally, today is the last day i am going to be here. I have a quite complicated feeling now as I am leaving today, whether I will leave as happy as this back in Penang with my family? Or is it because of my friends that i became so happy in life over here. But if either of them is correct or wrong it still wont' change the fact that I am leaving today. It's hard to decribe the feeling now. It felt so wrong and yet i have to accept that this is life.

Although Taki have moved out with his gf since November, our spirit is still very much still alive in Mount Nelson Villa, but after today, both CheeSen and Sin Hoong is leaving at 22nd. And Tze Hau will leave on that day too... And so... our most beautiful memories of Uni life in UTAS is going to end. all the memories that we have had in this house... will forever in my mind... Thanks housemates, thanks friends... All the best~

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