Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Graduating.. Leaving..

Time flies, isn't it... Without knowing, me and my fellow friends had already stay here for one and half years already. And now, it's already the end of our bachelor. Better still is that my graduation is on 16th Dec which is a Wednesday. Times really flies too fast, and finally all of us is gonna get all our degree together and graduating together. Something that we are gonna celebrate. Haha.

But one thing I had in mind for the past few days after waking up is that "How did I managed to get through all this times?", "How did I overcome one obstacles after another?", "What did I really do this whole year?". In fact, after thinking for awhile, me together with my friends really did get through alot of things together. And that will always in our memories together. Maybe that is what University Life is all about. All the time me and my friend speaking about failing a subjects before exams are now all over, but maybe they will take another masters but this is already enough for me. After studying for almost 5 years, i think it should be time for me to stop studying and earning money after i finally graduated. Haha.

Talk about graduation, we went for our friend's graduation and then we had alot of fun time there. But i am abit sad with one thing, but nevertheless i understand and already overcome that sad feeling. That feeling is that all of our parents are not coming to graduation, including my housemates, which is all my friend. So, we will participate the graduation all together. Graduation is really my biggest achievement so far and this is gonna my biggest day of my life. Thanks for everyone that already wished me and thanks for people that gonna wish me. Haha. I am gonna to enjoy the graduation as much as possible.

In matter of fact, I am gonna leave one day of the graduation makes me want to enjoy more than any other things. The feeling of leaving and never coming back is really a bad feeling. Maybe we can grow mature after enduring and overcoming this feeling. We all know that every beginning has it's ending, but how many will understand the feeling. This feeling is bugging me for few weeks, but nevertheless i am quite excited to go back to Penang, Malaysia as there are alot of fun, family, friends waiting for me. But i have already stayed here for more that one year, of course i will have feelings to this place as well. Maybe the feeling is i have towards all my friend over here that maybe i not gonna see them again? Maybe? Maybe it's the feeling that i have to leave this peaceful place that i had stayed for so long and not coming back anymore? Maybe? I don't know... I have only 2 days left over here before I depart from Tasmania and then back to Penang. I sincerely hope that everything will goes well for me as I haven't sought out my future yet. But anyway, for the times i had being here, I will forever remember it and it will be the memories of my life. And i will enjoy the graduation as much as possible. Haha.

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congrats...snaps more pictures