Thursday, August 28, 2008

28 August 2008

Finally, I had finished my 2 major assignments and had a time to rest for awhile. I would apologize that i was absent from blogging for quite awhile. I had already started to settle down here in my place. Everything seems already normal for me. And why it is not, I have been around here for 55 days. But still got 77 days to home only. Home is what i had been thinking and nothing more. Maybe i already have the "homesick" sickness. Lol.
The only thing that i can't really cope with now is the studies. I doesn't know whether is it because I am really not good enough, or this university style of Online Studies doesn't suit me at all. I felt like i don't have much confident in it even though i tried my best to understand it. Temporary, i still have 7 weekly assignments, 4 major assignments, 1 industry project still to be completed. I wonder if you can imagine how suffering i will be for next few weeks and months? I was thinking, whether i have chosen a wrong uni or what? But, since i had already been here, then i should try to finish this semester 1st. Then i will further planning when i get back in Penang. The exam result should give me clear idea of my consideration. For me now, Online Studies is the total problem. I haven't expected situation to be this worst when i came over here. I expected independent learning, but not like that. Haha. What can i say? Too Bad Luck ? The lecturers over here aren't helping me out either, which make the matter worst.
Let's not get too much over mine own problem. Haha. I have saw lately that there were changes in Malaysia. Especially in the By-Election, when Anwar wins in the 15k majority votes. Haha. Will this be "New dawn for Malaysia" ? Lol. Everyone will keep guessing if Anwar can form a government by the date "16/9/2008" that is set by him to form a government? We will just wait and see about that. Well, this is all i can say now... I hope to see more things so that i can tell in this blog. Bye.

My super snowing cold day 12/8/2008

12 August 2008. Tuesday. Snow day again... haha... This time it snow very heavily. When the snow came down, i was still on the outside walking back after came down from bus. The feeling of snow is nice. Especially when i see the snow falls down from the sky, slowly and also fastly. Below is some picture of me under the snow. Haha.

My house under snow attack. Haha.

It's snowing heavily noone want to stand there.
Me playing snow for 1st time

The feeling of snow falling down my hand is so nice.

The car is fully covered by snow. Haha

Me showing some snowball skill. Hehe

Big snowball with friends. Me in short sleeves. Haha

Got too bored and i wrote my name to remember this day forever. Although the snow will melts =(


X-rated photo. Once in a lifetime picture. Haha. Got too bored and do something extreme. Extreme Cold that is... =)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Snowy Day on 21st July 2008

21st July 2008, is the day that I first felt the feeling of snowing at my home. Haha. In the morning, while i was sleeping, the wind was blowing very very very hard. And unluckily, my room heater spoiled a day earlier. So, I have to endure the coldness for the first time. Haha. Luckily i had our comforter on me. The snow falls slowy in the morning and more at night. While, there were no snow falls on the afternoon. Hehe. Here are some pictures of it.

Acting Macho. Haha.


The second saturday in Tasmania, I went to Eastlands together with my friends... "Eastlands" is what locals called for the shopping place name. It is located in East of Hobart. Now you can know why they called it as Eastlands. Haha. Eastlands is biggest entertainment in Hobart, with biggest Shopping Mall and cinemas.

Some buildings in Eastlands.

The Eastlands Shopping Mall.

Me and friends.

This is what we eat for lunch. The one and only KFC in Hobart. Haha.

Double-Decker Bus in Hobart.

1st Saturdays...

For every saturday, me and some of my friends will go out to travel around city or other place...
For the first saturday in Tasmania, we went to walk around Hobart city and went to a place named, "Salamanca Place". Actually, it is quite like our "pasar malam" in Malaysia, but, this "Salamanca" is open only on Saturday morning till afternoon.

Picture taken while walking or strolling around the city.

The picture of the "Salamanca Place".

Picture taken with SH and Chieh.

My friends

Me in HUMMER while in the car shop. Hehe.

Well, that was events that happened in first saturday while i was in Tasmania. Haha. I still have some pictures to post further. Don't worry.