Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last few days in Penang..

Sorry that i stopped blogging for quite a period. But, now i am back to blogging. Lol. I was quite busy with my preparation to leave to Tasmania soon. With lotsa stuff left for me to do, and just rightly so, 7 days left to go before I leave my hometown Penang. I still have some things left to buy and also few things for me to do before i leave.

Okay, back to this. Lol. Yesterday i went to checkup with dentist before i go. It is because the price there for dentist is quite expensive, so, it's better that I have a check before i go. We made an appointment before i went to the dentist. While i was in the room, I was quite afraid because of the last time i went to dentist. The last time i went to dentist is to pluck out my wisdom tooth, Listen to me hear, PLUCK out, i bet u can feel my pain and ride my fear now. Lol. Now, back to now, this time I met him, he asked what is my problem? I told him that I would like to check if there are any problem before I went to overseas. Then i told him that some of my tooth have holes that's why sometimes some stuff that i bite just left between in the hole of my teeth. I hope u all know what i meant. Haha. After seeing that, he told me that I have more than 10 holes in my teeth. I was like so shocked. Shocked and scared too on second thought. But, his sentence was not over yet. Haha. He continued by saying small hole doesn't need to do anything, my teeth can at least last for 20 years. After hearing that, my hole heart was like so relaxed. Then i asked him again, "What about wisdom tooth, no problem right?". Lol. Guess what he answered me? He said "Oh, nothing wrong. You have another wisdom tooth on another side of your tooth" My reaction and feeling was like WTF?! Lol. Another shocker. After that, he said that the another wisdom tooth has no effect on others. So, he told me not to worries. Haha. What an relief. After checking, he said nothing wrong with my tooth, just dirty. So, he cleaned for me. Haha. Lucky for me. But still, I am still scared whenever i heard the noice made by the tools of dentist. But, before i know, the cleaning does come out with this kind of tools and voice. Sigh. Luckily, there are no other problems, such as in the past. Haha. The dentist also did talk to me and asked me where i would be going. He told me that Tasmania is a great place with great scenery. Haha. He was a good dentist, but always gives me a shocker. Lol.

Today, i went for my god brother's convocation in TAR College. When i arrived there, it have so many people, i almost lost my way through the waves of people. Then i get to met my other friends. Soon, most of them start asking when is my departure date and time. After talking to them, i soon met my god brother. And i helped him to take pictures for him, his family and friends. After that, he treat us for lunch. Lol. Then, i went to another friends house and start chatting till evening and i went home. After that, i went town with my father to do some banking so that i will be able to pay for my accomodation in Tasmania this monday.

Btw, i will be staying in a Villa at Tasmania together with my 5 friends/college mates. The weekly pay is AUD 144. Haha. Quite expensive according to here. But, it's the most cheapest in all the hostel they offer. Lol. If i paid upfront, which means i pay all 18 weeks in one short then the price will be AUD 144, if i doing direct debit, then it is AUD 148 which means they will be debiting from my Australian bank accounts. Another type is by weekly paying which means cash and etc. That would cost AUD 152 per week. So, after consideration, i will be paying using the upfront method. Haha.

Thanks all my friends and family for wishes and I really hope to meet more people there and know more things and help my journey in life. Thanks. :-)

P.S. I will be coming back in November middle. Haha. Keep updated on the actual date. Hehe. Bye

Monday, June 16, 2008

A horse, a cow and a donkey

A horse, a cow and a donkey were having an argument about who had most contributed to the war effort. The horse said he had done the most - ‘Without me, the soldiers wouldn't have been able to ride off to war’.
The cow said she was the one - ‘Without me, there would have been no one to feed the civilian population’.
The donkey, not to be outdone, said, ‘True....but I was the head of government. Without me, there would have been no war!’

Got this from Sms blog.

Coupon from McDonalds...

Haha. It's weird i came up with this post. Haha. I went to watch football at McDonalds Sg. Dua last Wednesday. I didn't know that they were having a promotion of giving each person a coupon of french fries in every goals scored by any team. We went there to watch Portugal vs Czech match, and we were quite rewarding. Haha. In the 5th minute, Portugal already start scoring. Haha. And we received the first coupon. Hehe. And another few more minutes, Czech equalize and then we get another free french fries. Haha. Till the match ends at 94th minutes, the score is 3-1 for Portugal. We did get coupons till the 3rd goal of the match, but the 4th goal, the McDonalds guy told us that they were out of coupon, so we just have 3 free coupon of french fries. Lol. What a rewarding night!!

Stuff Lately...

Sorry I havent blog for quite a long time because of I am busy. Last tuesday, i came back from Genting after i followed my friends for vacation. We went there didn't do much things, caused we didn't go to outdoor theme park to play. Most things that we did there is gambling, gambling and only gambling. Either in casino or in room, we don't care. Haha. I went into the casino both of the days and lost 100 each a day. Haha. Talk bout luck. Lol. Nothing much can be said bout Genting, as things stayed almost the same. We drive over way there to Genting with RM 180 of petrol money with going and coming back. So, we divided among ourself. Increase of 78 sen in petrol per litre sure affected alot on many people. Haha.

After I came back from Genting, I have much focused on Euro 2008. After much i have seen, it looks like that Holland is going to be the most favourites to win this year's European Championship. Their sytle of play has been tantalizing and their tactics have been thoughtful and lastly, their class is just master-class. No doubt. They can play nice passing in midfield, speed in wingers, intelligent striker and good defender. This is total football and attacking, you name it they plays it.

The second favourites really have to be Spain. After long time without any international championship to their name, they also plays beautiful football in this European Championship and one man really need to be acknowledge by the world of football is this guy called David Villa. He already scored 4 goals for Spain in this Euro 2008. He scored a hattrick in the 1st game against Russia and he scored a late winner in the game against Sweden to guarantee them as group leader. Spain is my bet to win the Euro this year, but after emergence of Dutch, i really have to say that they have been demoted to 2nd favourites but still my choice of winning the championship. Haha. Portugal is the 3rd choice and 3rd favourites to win this championship. Cristiano Ronaldo is the name everyone should think about when people mention about Portugal. And true, he has quite rightly shine in this tournament so far.

Still have 15 days till Euro ends and there might be many things to happen. And there are 20 days left for me before i am going to Tasmania and study. So, this means that i only have 20 days left in Penang, my home, before i going to further my studies. But, don't worry bout that, I will be coming back in the month of November this year. Hopefully to enjoy more after i came back. There are many things to be done, and plenty of things to be bought before I will be going this 5th July. But, i am still waiting for the visa to be granted or approved. Before that, I went to medical checkup in Penang X-Ray clinic last week for student visa. The only thing that I want to say is that the nurse there are young and nice/beautiful/hot. Lol. Really. Trust me. Haha. The whole clinic have around 6-7 nurse and most of them are nice. Lol. Back to topic, hopefully i do pass my medical checkup.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Decision made...

I have made my decision to go to study in University of Tasmania if everything goes through well in applying the visa. I had just made my payment of AUD$5598 for the University through bankdraft and credit card. The officer also booked for me air tickets to go there which cost RM 5k for two way flight with the return flight will be open for 1 year. But, the air ticket haven't confirmed yet. So, if there are any cheaper one, then I can apply for that too. I will be coming back on the November this year. Haha.

The offer letter from Tasmania came on monday, which offers me 1.5 years course there. With full exemptions, on wednesday, they also offered me a 25% scholarship too. The 25% scholarship makes me saved a few thousand ringgit for my father. But, two condition must be taken in order for me to take the scholarship. One, i must arrived there no later than 7th July and second, I must reached satisfactory marks in order to continue my scholarship for next semester(I am quite scared for this condition because I am fairly an inconsistent person, sigh).

Each semester tuition fees is AUD$7000 then after discount of 25% it will be AUD$5250. The rate when i buying the bankdraft is 3.15 (which is very high!!), maybe because it is the day that our petrol fuel rise which affected Malaysian Ringgit to go down abit in World Forex Trade. The living cost in Tasmania fairly cheaper than other places in Australia. I had planned to book and stayed in the hostel for the 1st semester of my course. I will mostly staying together with my college mates. Hopefully there are places left. Haha.

The visa for me haven't been approved yet, but it will be approved soon. This sunday, i will be going to genting highlands. Then i will be going to medical checkup after i came back from Genting. Hope everything might goes well.