Monday, March 31, 2008

Paint Ball...

Picture taken with friends and team-mates.
Me on the center standing 3rd from left. Jim and See Khoon beside me.

Picture taken with friends and opponents.Hehe

Last Saturday, 29/3/2008, I went to Paintball with my friends. At my first thought towards paintball, I thought it will be pain if got shot and very suffering to get shoot. LOL. I was wrong!!
I was shot and it wasn't pain at all, hehe, of course I do wear a armor vest and being shot by a normal paint ball gun was not that pain for me. HAHA. Paint ball includes all the characteristic to become a nice sports, it needs bravery, smart-ness, atheleticsism, and also importantly, it is a team game. When i was in the first game, I was abit nervous of being shot, but soon after the nervous first few minutes, I start to find out that this is a nice and fun game. I was in the team that was winning 3 match streak (it's quite great for whole team of first timer), and of course I was out of the team only once, and that's because I was out of bullets =p. After the 3rd match, our opponents, decided to not play anymore, but since we still got some bullets left, we ask if anyone would like to play some more, then the "Profesional" player ask us for a match. They say their team would just include 4 person, while our team will have how many depends on us. So, we put in around 9-10 person in a team.

In the first match vs the "Pros", we lost quite badly, i was shot in the head and many of our team-mates are unorganized (LOL, it's just a game). One reason we lost to them is because of their "Professional" gun. Their gun is semi- auto with shooting 15 bullets in 1 minutes, while ours were..erm.. a fairly poorer, normal gun with 4-5 bullets in 1 minutes. The shooting impact of our gun wasn't as good as theirs as well as our gas tank is only filled with liquidize material while theirs was in compressed air. So, the first match vs the "Pros" just ended in around 5 minutes.

In the second match, we were quite fired up, and we gave them a fight for their "Profesional" tags, haha, and of course we lose again, but, we manage to kill two or three of them. I am out of the team and of course because I was out of bullets again (the bullets were sold at 2000 bullet at RM250, so we need to refill moderately). We gave them a fight like it's taking our life. Haha. After the game, we went for lunch and then home. So happy with first experience of paintball and really hope to play again soon. This is NICE!! You all need to try it...Haha

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blogging Newbie..

Hello all, my name is Winson Tan, from Penang, Malaysia.

This is my first time i tried blogging. I hope I can get feedback and comment from all of my friends or viewer if i really does mistake on blogging. Hope u all will guide me to be a better blogger. HEHE.

Many says that 1st post of blogs are quite important, so, i try to make it more important. LOL, I hope i can. My Blogs will include from all my interest such as; sports, politics and comments on important issue and importantly, I will tell more of my life. I hope it can't create a bizzare since Malaysia is getting towards democracy now. Haha. The start of DAP era in Penang. To be truth, I am a supporter of a RED Colour, that means of, Manchester United (Red Devils), DAP (Democratic Action Party) in Malaysian politics and many more red colour stuff, such as Ferrari in F1. Hehe

To save more stuff to write in next post, i will like to conclude here. Thanks all.

P.S. : I will try to upload more pictures on events happened before i started and after started blogging ;p