Sunday, September 6, 2009

Till now...

Sorry that my last post was in the beginning of July, when it was my 1st anniversary in Tasmania. I was quite busy with my studies, life and everything over here. Sorry all again. This semester is the last semester that I am going to be here, so, I would like to enjoy everything in here before i regret it. So, lately in here, i went to alot of entertainment... Lolz...

List of entertainment:

1. Go to the cinema.
2. Ice skating with friends
3. Do some jogging to Mt Nelson Signal Station to enjoy the magnificent Hobart's view
4. Go clubbing
5. Casino-ing
6. Watch football in my friends home.

Haha... If you had see my list of entertainment here, then you can now understand why i rarely blogged lately. But, this wont happened anymore. I promised that i will blog more from this moment onwards. So much things has happened so far till now for me. Alot of laughter, alot of fun, but still sadness are inevitable.... I will slowly blog more about that later on...
This week in our semester break and we did enjoy alot with company of my other friends as well. More pictures and information next post. Hehe