Monday, May 18, 2009


I had just finished almost all of the assignment left for this semester, with a presentation passed through today, and I think i did quite well with it. After all this passed, I finally had some time to upload my blog... Looks like i need to update alot to keep up with all my friends. Haha.

If you know chinese, i am sure you will know what i meant in my post.. 人生好像一场戏 (ren sheng hao xiang yi chang xi). I recently understand alot of this theory. Really. Our life is really just like a movie. Or for better scope, I should say, my life is really like a show. In a show there would surely be a high and low. And my life have just encountered every single things of that. I don't know whether i should be proud of it or whether i should be sad that I had to encounter with all this problem.

I am sure what does the word or phrase trying to mean is that, every each person has it's own character, scripted in different timeline, own dialogue, high and low, and lastly, have it's own unique problem.

Actually, how could this happens? Who could understand all this? There would no definite answer for all this, the whole world is living just on their own thinking, biases and also prejudice. Actually who really understand their own meaning of life. It seems sometimes that we fought for so long, it could just fell off just in front of us without we even noticing. Who could understand why? God knows. Not human. Or even worst, sometimes when this things happened, you won't even know whether everything is white or black.. It is all in gray now.

Recently, many problems has happened like i have posted in my earlier post, but i did carry on with life nicely. How nice is that? Haha. I think that is the meaning of the theory itself. Whatever happens in life, live happily, enjoy life. There's nothing left to regret anymore.

Life and bad luck...

I was busying with all my assignment again recently, so, i would apologise for my departure from blogging for few weeks.

But things were not really going that well for me in April and also May. There were several incident that happened quite serious and some not so serious. And i really learnt something from it. It is that, every anger have a price... and now i learnt that it is quite expensive. But, it can be said that i will learn from my mistake and there will be no next time.

Few weeks ago, my laptop broke down, break a wall, hp spoilt, cutted my fingers, feel down when climbing down from hill, and lastly, almost being hit by a car while i was crossing a big road. Everything was going bad for me. I don't know what could i do to change all these stuff. But, luckily i went through every single thing of that now. I could say that i have already learnt alot from this kind of experience. I've learnt that when everything is turned down against you, you must fight it back with calm and patient. And through this period of time, I've learnt to handle stuff patiently.

The price of anger. This punch landed me AUD$ 200

All started because i got too frustrated after my laptop broke down while i was doing assignment. I tried restart comp for 7 times still cannot, so out of frustration, i release my anger at the wall. Which now lead to the fine of 200. Talk about life. Sigh

After that, my laptop need to change part for 3 times before it work back normally. Talk bout pure bad luck. Sigh.

After that my N95 spoilt. Even worst. Everything inside my phone were kept inside, and i can't open it anymore. Sigh.

But i think i overcome all of them now. Thanks.