Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leaving.. again..

Again, this time i woke up very early in the morning for 4-5 consecutive days. It's the 12 hours sleep that i got for this period of time. I remember this feeling before. This suffering feeling that I encountered before. This kind of feeling is really getting back to me now. The last time i encountered this feeling it is in July 2008. Few days before i will be leaving to study at Tasmania as well. And this time it's no difference. For the past few days, i have been having sleep-less night just to think bout the time left in my hometown.

I still freshly remember the day (13/11/2008), the day that I came back to Penang. I still remember every single things that happened that day. I mean, How could i forget, it's like the most relieved or happiest day of my whole life. The feeling of finally, I am getting back to home. Some might know what it feels like, but very few people might understand. This time, I will be leaving for around 1 year, maybe will come back at the year end. But, it is largely undecided. One of the main reason it is undecided is because I have had plan to work at Australia to work for few years before i come back to work. But due to the strict application of PR in Aussie, I maybe need to stayback for few years before i come back to my hometown again. That's the saddest part, one step forward two step backwards. So, I just have live as it goes.

There are few things that I will sorely missed when I leave this thursday. The first is of course my family. There aren't any thing more important than them. But i know they can accept my departure from them for a period of time, as they have encountered it before as well, but that time was shorter time period. I have already tried my best to do and keep everything nicely for them before i am leaving. So, I hope they can do it without me. Thanks family for everything and even thanks for providing me such a fun summer holiday this year. We have went to many places together in this holiday, Genting, Hatyai, Hong Kong, and many more places. Thanks. I will also missed my aunt as I will be leaving in a period where she need everyone to support her after gone through all this hard times.

Another I would like to thanks and also, which i will missed is of course, my friends. They have been with me thick and thin when in the hard times and also good times. Well, that's what friends suppose to mean. I really enjoyed all of your company this holiday, if not i won't be having so much fun. Sadly thou, still, every starting will have its ending. I have really met alot of friends this holiday, as most of my friends came back to celebrate Chinese New Year this year. Keep in touch ya. Bu, Ping, Jim, Khoon, still remember our trip to Lost World?.. I will remember it for long time, and also times we have shared together.. Some beautiful memories will also being spared in my brain. So, don't "controversy" too much when i left, you don't have director to lead the movie after that. LOL. And for god-bro(although he doesn't know i blogged), thank you too for sharing so much with me after coming back from Indonesia. And for other good friend, all the best. Meet you all soon.

And so, I have finally come to this stage. The final person i would like to thank and will be deeply missed is of course my love interest. Oh yea, it is still love interest, not girl friend. Due to the fact that I will be leaving, I can't be a self-fish person. Although we are not in any relationships yet, i have already considered you one in my heart. We are still best friend thou. I really enjoyed your company while you are in Penang, sometimes i just hoped that time will just stood still so that I won't be going back and you won't be going back as well. But, that is just merely some self-fish idea, although i am not one. For all the time that you spend with me, it will be the most beautiful memories for me. I will just hope that you will wait for me to come back. We will surely keep in contact, whether in traditional way or the modern way, who cares. Haha. I hope you really liked what i gave to you before your birthday and after valentines, although that is merely some sincerity from my heart. Hope you'd take care of yourself and be strong in everything. Do share things with me ya. Oh yea, remember our promise okay? You might be busy, but i will wait.

Well, that's few person that i will missed and now, things that i will missed is foods, transportation (car), warmth of home, GSC movie cinema and many more.

Well, i think i really need to get back to my sleep for awhile before i start to finish my unfinished business. I have found out that, enjoyable time will surely pass very fast, but hard times will also past but it will pass slowly. Slow or Fast isn't really important, as long as i can pass all of them, then i will consider myself getting another achievement in my life. And to not let down everyone in my life, i will surely succeed in my studies, life and many more things that will happen. I will try my best to not let people down anymore. And so, I will keep you guys updated with my situation real soon. I will come to this time where i really need to go... Haha... Hopefully all stays well and healthy. And last but not least, I WILL MISS ALL OF YOU.... thats for sure... Penang is still in my blood i wont be in there for long. BYE

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bye Chinese New Year 2009

By the time i am writing this post now, it is already one day past Chap Goh Meh, the 15th day of Chinese New Year. Well, this truly is the most exciting and loved Chinese New Year celebration in recent years (forgotten bout the celebration when i was small, hehe). Well, this years celebration is kinda different as I am back from Tasmania to celebrate with my family. Everyone seems to be happy bout it I guess. Haha.

30th Night

Well, the Chinese New Year has already started for me one night before the official Chinese New Year. We were having steamboat at home to eat with my aunts, and cousins. We were all quite enjoyed that night, although i need to help cleaning, I don't really mind. Haha. After steamboat, we soon cleaned up all and then went to Chinese New Year chanting at a temple. We arrived around 11 o'clock, which the chanting has already started awhile, we soon continued and the chanting ended around 1am. So, it's already Chinese New Year. Soon, we went home and then went to few temples and pray.

Pictures taken with aunties and Malay relatives.

The candles in the temple.

1st Day
Woke up around 8 something and already have to queue up to use the bathroom. Haha. Soon, uncles and relatives all arrived at my house. Then after awhile at my home, we soon go to my 4th Granduncle's house. Opposite Lam Wah Ee Hospital. After pai nee awhile, then we go to another relatives house, another granduncle and grandaunt. After that, we went to 1st aunt house. She's having some illness, so she can't go around to pai nee too much. So, we went to her house and eat all the stuff. Haha.

After that, in the afternoon, i went to my god-bro's house and eat steamboat. Get quite a big angpow from her mother. Hehe. After eating, we have several friends there too, so we chatted and drink. After awhile in the evening, i soon returned to home and then found out that kinda alot of ppl at my home. Haha. So, i have to help serve them, lol. Soon, at night we went back to aunt house and play some firecrackers.


Daddy and big aunt

Charlie's Angel? Nono.. It's me and sister with cousins

It's me with brothers

2nd Day

Me and my family went back to Perlis for the 2nd Day. We start our journey in the morning, and reached there quite early. After arriving, then we start to receive ang pow. Haha. For the whole day i am at there is to gamble and then drink some liquor. Haha. I was very very happy that day. I received phone call from 2 best friends. One of them is from Manchester, UK which is SAW. I assume i was quite lucky that day, i won some money. And then, we went to Ikan Bakar very late at night, my uncle treat all of us. Haha.

Gambling in process.

Firecracking in process.

Hard liquor drinking in process. Out-door. Haha

3rd - 4th- 5th Day

Not much pictures were taken when we were enjoying the time. Haha. I came back to Penang on the 3rd Day, but unluckily, our car have some problem when on the way back to penang. So, we went to meet see our uncle in Jitra, he repaired it for us. After back to Penang, I went to See Khoon's house and then went to Ping's house at night to gamble.

In the 4th Day, I went to my father's friends office. They were having "open-office" and after that, we gamble again. LOL. And the event finished at the evening. After that, my friends find me at night. We are usual again. GAMBLING.

In the 5th Day, I visited my friend who came out from KL. So, after awhile of visiting, we soon leave, then at night, My friend invited us to go to Open House. And the event is quite big. Haha. After that, we went to play games & snookers and then gambling. Haha. Too bad, no pictures were taken during that time.

6th Day

Me and some friends went to Alor Setar for a visit. We were suppose to reach there earlier, but too bad my friend teached me the wrong way. Haha. So, our journey were delayed. But never the less, we soon arrived in Jasmine's house and then pai nee with her mother. Haha. After awhile, we moved to another location and went Tze Hau's to pai nee and play mahjong. I lost quite badly, never won a game at all. And then, after Tze Hau's house, we went to eat some dinner before proceed to another friends house. It's a very big house. Even got big fish pond and Karaoke room. Haha. After that, we soon leave there around 10 something and then arrived at Penang around 11 something.

7th Day

The 7th day of CNY, I have dinner with my family and few friends. As the 7th Day of CNY is "human day" in Chinese history. Here's some pictures of it.