Monday, October 13, 2008

One month to go...

Sorry again i have to say... As i was too busy with my current life lately, i have been lack of blogging for quite some time now. There was too many things that i have to worry about now... First thing; the assignments.... The are a workloads of assignments now for me to settle it before my final exams... The second thing; The preparation for final exams.... The last but not least; The need to enjoy life and freedom... Haha..

As i was blogging now, I still have 4 weekly assignments and 1 major projects to finished and the due date is on 24th October. The previous weeks, most of my time were spent on previous majors assignment of other subject, one of them with some help and ideas from lecturers (SMS) and also my father. Thanks. I did pass the assignment. The assignments is on the "Unauthorized Photographing". The topic itself is quite broad, with the help of them, i managed to finished it with time to spare. Haha. The others were some business reports for companies. So, it's kinda straight forward.

The final exam for me starts on the 29th (does anyone remember this date?) of October. Which is a special date for me. Yeah. Some might guess it correctly, it is the day that I am given birth, to be short, it's my birthday. The first subject exam is on my birthday.... Damn it.. I doesn't know whether i should be happy or sad? But, to get credit out of it, i managed to finished one subject on my birthday. The other subjects exam is on 5th November and 7th November. Well, that means i have 6 days to spare before i am going back to Malaysia. Lol. As I should not forgot, today is already the 13th October, which is directly one month before i am going back to Malaysia. Haha. I should be very happy once i will be home, there are many things that I can do, and also many things i would cherish once i am at home.

Well, the last things that i pointed out just now is that "The need to Enjoy life and freedom". Haha. As the point can speak for itself, i am trying to enjoy and have relaxed life over here. Not too stress on study and also not too worried about other stuff other than myself, and my family. Haha. Well, there were many things that I have done together with my friends over here to enjoy, well, the trip to Bruny Island is one of the example. The another one is the dinner in "Little Italy". "Little Italy" is a famous restaurant in our city, Hobart, and also well known in the University for serving, HOT and CHILLI Foods. We have heard that rumours for quite sometimes, so, we are very eager to try it out whether it is really that hot and nice or that is just rumours. Haha. So, we went to eat on friday, we pick friday because, friday has more buses comparing with weekends. The Chilli level contains from level 1-10. I tried level 3. Some of my friend tried level 1(OK) and one friend tried level 6(caution). CheeSen, Sin Hoong and Tze Hau tried level 1 of chilli, while Jay, tried level 6. The level 1 for me is quite suitable as it contains abit of hot only, while only the other hand, level 6 is so so so damn hot. I tried out level 3 and it is also really really hot. So, "hot eater" out there, you might want to come and try out this shop. Haha.

Jay's Level 6.

Level 6 while eating. So damn red.

My level 3 sphagetti. So damn hot.

I was sweating like hell, while Jay is enjoying. Haha.

All of us, eating. Haha.

Well, there were other friends with us together too, but, the shop is so small, so we have to separate the table. Lol. Level 6 was the highest we tried. Haha. Wait for my next blog soon, as i am just one month away from going home. Haha. Till then... Chao..

P.S: Everyone who eat the spaghetti, "lau sai" is the next morning. Beware the effect of chilli. Haha